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We create stories and films that envelope a rich sense of struggles, thrill, inquisition, conflict, love, desire, spirit, animosity and a burning nostalgia for well developed characters and purpose. We compliment a story told by the paintbrush that is a cinematic lens through thrilling action, interpersonal connection, and a collective desire for executing the creative vision. Touch, taste, feel, and sound must permeate through the camera into the audiences hearts. 

Acre Beyond The Rye - Poster v2 - w name
Acre Beyond The Rye

In the deep south, a young Deputy returns to his small childhood home to investigate a dark mystery surrounding the town and sheriff. A growing number of missing persons reports, strange black suits, and a GMO-riddled government corn crop experiment, has the town in a hush and the inquisitive Deputy under sinister and watchful eyes. 

Fallen Cards.png
Fallen Cards

In a post-apocalyptic world, a stage Illusionist, and son of an estranged archeologist and explorer, finds himself fending for his life on his quest for what his father uncovered, the very thing that could save the grim future. 


Television to us is the ability to tell a story that you want to keep watching forever, but yet knowing the end will come at some point. Enjoying the moments of the compelling experiences of those in front of the lens and being immersed in content that excites and evokes a sense of personal connection is what we strive for. In a time that needs magic more than ever, we wish to dispel illusions which often times hide the most important human quality, the soul. 

Culture Shock.png
Culture Shock
Bridging Cultures Through Magic

In this wild adventure, full of dangerous stunts, exploration, and a test of will, a magician and explorer seeks out magic throughout the world. 


Fallen Cards Comic.png
Fallen Cards - The Comic

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